Where do you look for color trend and design inspiration?


My imagination bubbles up with new ideas, all on it’s own. Sometimes I’ll be daydreaming about a textile design and it will be coming to me in color. However, sometimes as you get to coloring a design in the computer, you can become seduced with new possibilities and you can go very, VERY much astray. I have wasted a lot of time on this, but you know what, coloring is fun. That being said, wanting to streamline the design process and make sure that what is being created will be accessible, is a valid concern. Perhaps there is an idea that will be good for wallpaper design or maybe textiles, checking color trends and making a pallette can save you time and make the design more appealing.

Here are some resources I turn to, on occasion:

Color collective - It’s simple and fun.

Pattern Curator - This might be my favorite site to check out. Kristine Go makes these lovely assortments of images that show a trend, giving you color, mood, and theme. They are really delightful.

Fashion Vignette- This is a studio in Dallas that has curated mood boards.

Two blogs I sometimes like to check out:


French By Design