I haven’t written in this public journal for a little while. I have been writing in my private journal a lot, though, sketching and ruminating. I have had much to think about, moving into this new year, and have felt very reclusive and private. In that mood, I have been working in a diligent and devoted manner on two new collections, one of which is based on a plant that grows on and around my building: Blue Morning Glory.

It’s taking me a little while, but I know it’s going to be very beautiful, cool, and totally worth the while. I have something special in mind and while this type of intricate floral is familiar and even traditional, the end result that I am going for is totally unique to my style. I’m truly excited to be creating this beauty.

First, I have to draw the layout. Designing an interlocking repeat is like creating and solving a puzzle all at the same time.

Getting it done

Getting it done

After the layout is sorted, comes tracing the drawing in micron. This may seem redundant, but trust me, it is actually a huge time-saver once working with the art in the computer. I have made the mistake of not doing this and just really, really regretted it once attempting to make selections in photoshop.

My vision for this print is going to combine some water colored elements with patterned elements. So great, I start watercoloring.

1st attempt . Not good enough.

1st attempt . Not good enough.

Not satisfied with the quality of my inaugural attempts, I had to practice. All the components need to be on the same level, need to be beautiful in their own right before they can be combined.

ok, now we're crackin

ok, now we're crackin

Now I have the flower family all ready to ride and be combined with the other elements of the design.

To view the completed design, just drop me a line and request a password to my private gallery of print collections.

Keepin' it Classy.....The Malachite Problem

Somehow I got the idea that I wanted to make a design that was “dripping with malachite.” Recently, I had bought a little nugget of the substance and had been inspired by the greens, the strata, and the way that it looks like paused melting or bubbling.

I set about painting, which was fun.

The home studio

Next, I cleaned up the paintings in the computer and began to flip and rotate them. I was trying to create a scale shape that could be tiered down to give a dripping feeling. I stepped back from the computer.


What had I done? I didn’t want to loose the painting work or give up on the original idea. There just had to be a way to use malachite as inspiration without ending up with an embarrassing piece of hippy porn.

The answer, in this instance, was to pair down. I had been producing all the fodder for the pattern, but it was time to stop amassing and start editing.

I was able to stay true to my initial concept and solve the problem by cutting a scale shape from the art.

A malachite scale

It works!


Interested buyers may view final print by requesting a password & checking out the protected gallery. 


Recently my father moved back to the County where I was brought up. I have been making trips back there to get him settled in. On my most recent visit, I hit my limit with cleaning up and decided it was time to hit the road. Before returning to city life I decided to see if I could find this particular nature spot that I remembered as being really magical. I hadn't been to this spot in over 10 years and was wondering if I could even recognize the pull-out that the trail picks up from. Well, I found it, and it's just as rad as I remembered it.

Here are a few pictures from my hike. I can see how the land I was brought up in gave me the appreciation of color and pattern that I have today. Reconnecting with my gratitude for the world in which I live and feeling inspired by nature was the perfect medicine.


Today I was feeling a little down. I went to visit my friend Lindsey. She gave me company and encouragement, which did my heart good... Came home and worked a little more with these ink strokes I have been playing with. A while ago I had cut out these polka dots from a picture I took of the ground and I'm liking the way the two ideas look combined. Looking forward to making this work.

Summer Times

I've always had a love of the sea and swimming. I go in even though it's cold here, on the West coast and I do about 40 laps in a pool, on the regular. I am currently working on a design inspired by a shell I found on a beach a while ago. I love this shell so much and am happy I'm finally using it as inspiration. 

figuring it out   

figuring it out


Last week I took a little road trip. Snapped this beauty. I can almost smell the sea breeze just looking at it.

Trinidad, CA

Trinidad, CA